The Brother/Sister Plays Part 1 & Part 2 - The Public Theatre, NYC

All three productions have been designed by the same team — Lindsay Jones (sound) — with a sophisticated simplicity that makes it clear that Mr. McCraney’s words are the main scenic attraction.
NYTimes - Ben Brantley

Kudos to sound designer Lindsay Jones and scenic designer James Schuette, who make the dream sequences even more powerful. - Bill Canacci
Richard III - Chicago Shakespeare Theatre, Chicago, IL
This one features a fresh and arresting original rock soundtrack from the great Lindsay Jones.
Chicago Tribune - Chris Jones
The lighting by Robert Wierzel and the sound and music by Lindsay Jones all add to this production's impact on the audience.
Spreadstyle Chicago - Alan Bresloff
Lindsay Jones the sound and original music that effectively bring a heavy metal rock sound to mirror the turbulence on stage.
Chicago Theatre Reviews - Dan Zeff
K of D - Route 66, Chicago IL

Given the quality of Whiteside’s performance, the show should work better than it does, especially in the perfectly intimate setting afforded by A Red Orchid Theatre, and with the addition of various disturbing sounds created by the brilliant designer Lindsay Jones.
Chicago Tribune - Chris Jones

Brilliant sound effects by Lindsay Jones.
Chicago Sun Times - Hedy Weiss
A mysterious heron seems to have taken on the spirit of the dead boy, and the beating of its wings is dreadful and foreboding, thanks to Lindsay Jones' remarkable sound design.
Talkin' Broadway - John Olsen
My hat goes off to Sound Designer Lindsay Jones for creating a sound scape, which served as another character in the play.
Chicago Critic - Chris Arnold
The sound design is a superb piece of work by Lindsay Jones that plays an integral part in telling this story.
Spreadstyle Chicago - Alan Bresloff
Yeast Nation - American Theatre Company, Chicago, IL
Lindsay Jones is the sound designer and Mark Elliott directs the outstanding combo that provides the accompaniment for the rocking score.
Chicagoland Theatre Reviews - Dan Zeff
On the Verge - Remy Bumppo Theatre Company, Chicago, IL
Lindsay Jones’s sound and original music are inventive and dramatic.
Chicagoland Theatre Reviews - Dan Zeff